Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is it Safe to Clean my Upholstery?

If you wanted to clean your hardwood floor or wash your windows without hiring a professional, I'm sure you could think of a reasonable way to proceed that would give you good results. After all who really needs a professional to do this? There really isn't any special technical expertise or equipment needed, or any real concern that you may screw something up.

But if you wanted to clean a sofa or chair covered with fabric, or a set of drapes without hiring a professional, what would you do?

Of course, these items soil just like your hardwood floors and windows. Actually more. After all, they are a soft material that absorbs soils. Compare that to windows that are horizontal and hard and are never sat or walked on. But spray a window cleaner on windows that haven’t been cleaned in 6 months and wipe them down with a paper towel; pretty dirty right? So what is a reasonable plan for a homeowner to clean their upholstery and why haven't they been able to do it?

Until now there just hasn't been an easy process for you to remove the soils from your fabrics like there is for washing floors and windows. Naturally, this leads to unintended neglect. By neglecting the care that is necessary to keep your fabrics looking vibrant and new, your fabrics soil. This is the problem. It's the inability of the homeowner to safely and effectively remove the ground in soils from fabrics that over time cause discoloration and damage. 

Its the fact that until now there hasn't been a reasonably easy plan of action or method available that exists for the homeowner that makes them comfortable enough to proceed with confidence. 

Of course, you could just let the fabrics soil until you replace them as some people do. But as you will soon see, this is no longer necessary, just as struggling with a bulky rental machine is no longer necessary, and in most cases, hiring a professional isn’t either. 

Of course, when you do hire a professional, it's his education, systems, and equipment that you are paying for. This expertise hopefully and usually will give you the results you want, but at a cost you may not be willing to pay. Doing it yourself by renting similar but less powerful equipment is an attempt to save money by replicating those exact systems a professional uses, without the education, professional chemicals, and experience. I once tried my hand at carpentry. I thought it came out pretty good. My wife on the other hand was not as impressed. The same results hold true for attempting to clean with your own portable equipment. 

But let's keep this short and sweet. The real benefit that a professional can provide the homeowner is his ability to safely remove the ground in soils from fabric. And let's face it, who really wants to struggle with a portable supermarket machine? Honestly, just the thought of it is scary! It's certainly not easy or fun.  Quite frankly, from what my customers have told me, that have given it a shot in an effort to save some money, its a lot of hard work.  And who doesn't want to save money.  That's what this is all about.  But to be successful, the solution needs to be one that is easy enough for anyone to do and get reasonable results without problems.

So, what's the solution to keeping your upholstery & fabrics looking new that's as easy as washing floors and windows? Clean Safe Products Green Mitt System. And what has changed to give us this easy solution? The simple answer is improvements in chemicals and technology.  Our concerns and awareness for our health and the relationship with the chemicals we use in our homes have resulted in cleaning agents that are healthier and safer.

Our concerns over the chemicals that we bring into our homes and the negative relationship these chemicals have on our health has created a green revolution. This has resulted in consumers finding and demanding safer products that limit our exposure to volatile organic compounds and toxins. Products that will not negatively impact your indoor air quality, have no odors and are hypoallergenic.  Products that will provide powerful performance without harsh cleaning chemicals that provide a safer clean. 

Todays educated consumers also realize the negative affects that using the detergents can have as it relates to cleaning and health. Among them the re-soiling of fabrics due to soapy residues, but also the increase in allergens on fibers due to these residues that attract dust particles and mold spores.  The industry term for it is called particle loading, and it's affect on the re-soiling of fibers and fabrics is remarkable when viewed under a microscope.

On the technology side, changes in fibers with the advent of the microfibers are simply amazing.  Imagine a fiber that is one 100 the diameter of a human hair! Then putting it through a process that actually causes it to split, so that if you were to cut a cross section of the fiber it would somewhat resemble an asterisk. 

It's the squeegee like edges and the open spaces created from the splitting process that work together to trap and hold soils.  This creates a fiber that naturally attracts and holds soils and water.  These special microfibers can absorb up to seven times their weight in water due to their high density and surface area. They also have an exceptional ability to absorb oils. Used in conjunction with Clean Safes carpet and upholstery cleaner, they are an outstanding solution to removing the heaviest ground in soils. They clean fibers and fabrics easily while leaving less moisture on the cleaning surface so drying times are much less. They pick up, hold the dust and dirt, and absorb the liquid. They are superior to traditional cotton or synthetic materials for all these reasons and more. They are more economical have electrostatic properties, and are anti bacterial.

This combination of a safe and healthy all natural cleaning product, combined with the microfiber cleaning tool, is found in Clean Safe Products Green Mitt System. The Green Mitt System is revolutionizing the way we care for our fabrics. Like the way we dust our furniture, consumers can now safely and effectively and easily remove the types of soils that lead to premature discoloration on all of the fabrics in a home. Instead of waiting and ignoring expensive fabrics that we so carefully selected for our homes, only to see them soil, it is now common to never have to let your fabrics soil again. By using the Green Mitt System on a regular seasonal basis your fabrics will always look new, be healthy, and will save you time, frustration and money.


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